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In 2011 a journey of faith led Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren deep into the Ituri rainforest of the Congo, and to the enslaved Mbuti Pygmy tribe, who referred to themselves as The Forgotten People.

Justin lived with the Pygmies for a full year, immersing himself in their culture and becoming part of their family. They gave him the name Eféosa, which means “The Man Who Loves Us.”

Since 2011, Justin and Fight for the Forgotten have provided nearly 3,000 acres of land and dozens of water wells to the Pygmies. Not only are they no longer slaves, they’re thriving, with Pygmy leaders embarking on multiple community development initiatives including education, vocational training, and sustainable agriculture.

Follow Justin into the jungle and experience his story in his book, Fight for the Forgotten, and in a soon-to-be-released documentary film.

Defending The Bullied

Justin Wren was bullied his entire life. But through the sport and martial art of wrestling, he found an outlet. The discipline and focus of the training, along with the support of his coaches and teammates, helped him to believe in himself, conquer depression, gain confidence, and find his tribe.

Today Justin is on a mission to tackle bullying through both awareness and prevention. He has partnered with Century Martial Arts to develop anti-bullying curriculum to be implemented in martial arts academies across the nation. He is also passionate about sharing his story with organizations, schools, academies and youth events in order to break the lifelong chains of bullying.

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